Topic outline

  • General

    Pennsylvania Learns iTunes U is an easy-to-use tool that provides resources and activities designed to enhance what Pennsylvania students learn and help bring classroom lessons to life. Created by Pennsylvania educators, Pennsylvania Learns serves as a virtual one-stop-shop of valuable resources by assembling video footage and web content from subject matters experts, as well as thousands of pages from libraries across the world.
    Organized around instructional framework modules available in the Standards Aligned System (SAS) portal, each course contains rich content and robust resources that have been vetted to assure alignment to the standards. Whereas SAS is centered on helping teachers develop and align their curriculum, Pennsylvania Learns helps that curriculum come alive with engaging activities and resources. The resources will be used on wide-array of efforts - from helping students grasp challenging concepts to augmenting the lesson plans designed by educators.

    Before you can participate in the walk through Pennsylvania Learns iTunes U, you need tools to access iTunes U.  This course provides information about the tools needed for successful access to iTunes U.  
    • Understanding Course Design

      It is important for you to know and understand the display of the Pennsylvania Learns iTunes U courses variy based upon the device you are using: 

      • On a Mac or PC, you see the course overview and a list of the course assets that can be downloaded and accessed. 
      • On an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, you have access to more detailed information. The icons located in the footer of the course allow you to view course details and interact with the course assets through the lesson posts.  
      • ACCESS Pennsylvania Learns

        At this point,  depending upon the device you selected, you will have already installed the iTunes app on your Mac or PC or iTunes U app on on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. You also have obtained an Apple Username and Password.

        You are now ready to access and engage in the Pennsylvania Learns Project course and explore the other Pennsylvania Learns courses in iTunes U.

        To access the Pennsylvania Learns Project course, you will need to download and open the  Accessing Pennsylvania Learns Prep and iTunes U Courses document. This document contains important information and the "enroll code" for the Pennsylvania Learns Project course that you need to complete prior to our workshop.  

        When prompted, enter the course enroll code indicated within the Accessing Pennsylvania Learns Prep and iTunes U Courses document to engage in the Pennsylvania Learns Project activities.

        Your task is to complete the Prep course prior to the July 6 & 7 Workshop days. 

        NOTE: Use an iPAD to engage in the PA Learns Prep course.